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Public, hybrid and private cloud solutions.



Gain insights and empower your business with our suite of Big Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions.



Secure enterprise access from anywhere, anytime on any device.



Protect your organization from threats across the entire attack continuum.


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SIGMAnet Blog

What is your DR Strategy?

By: Craig Hughes, Principal Consultant – DC Cloud Practice
As I wrote in my last post, I will be digging into different cloud architectures and platforms I see as relevant for different needs and requirements. One of the more common requirements on which customers are focused is disaster recovery… Read more >>

SIGMAnet Blog

Software-Defined Networking: Declarative vs. Imperative Models

By: Thomas Magill, Consultant – SDN/Automation
Software-Defined Networking (SDN). Everyone has heard of it, but not everyone is able to fully realize what it is. Software-Defined anything is really just an abstraction of physical reality to a logical model or process. Server virtualization  … Read more >>

SIGMAnet Blog

Hospitality Industry Wi-Fi Requires Due Diligence

By: Derek Pocoroba, Principal Consultant – Enterprise Networks
Now that another of the world’s largest hotel chains (Hilton) will be offering “free Wi-Fi” for its honors members, it will soon follow other popular chains that offer similar services: chains like Starwood, Marriott and Hyatt … Read more >>  

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    SIGMAnetCare, our award-winning Managed Services solutions provide proactive tools, expertise and delivery frameworks necessary to ensure your IT infrastructure is secure and operational24/7/365.Providing a variety of predictive monitoring and management offerings, organizations can reduce risk and ensure users have uninterrupted access to the applications and data they need to drive business.
    • Infrastructure monitoring and management
    • Applications performance monitoring
    • Service desk solutions
    • Replication-as-a-service
    • Mobile device management
    • Infrastructure-as-a-service
    • Cloud solutions monitoring and management
    • Cisco® Smart Services
    • Colocation facilities
    • Disaster recovery
    • Hosted collaboration solutions
    • Office 365 (hosted email)
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  • On July 14, 2015, Microsoft will end support for Window Server 2003

    Have you migrated yet? 

    Organizations that fail to migrate from Windows Server 2003 before this date will be out of compliance with existing business standards and possibly expose themselves to vulnerabilities. The result can be costly in more ways than one:

    • No compliance, No updates, No security fixes, No savings

    Technical support, security updates and operating system fixes will be terminated.

    Fortunately, migrating to a supported server operating system can mitigate these risks and deliver valuable benefits and efficiencies that are not available in Windows Server 2003.

    Seize the opportunity with SIGMAnet
    With the predominance of mobile computing, BYOD and cloud-based technologies dominating our daily work environments, this is actually an exciting opportunity to prepare for the next generation in Information Technology!

    Act now
    To take advantage of this opportunity, your organization will need a clear understanding of the different on-premises and cloud migration options available. Transforming your data center presents an opportunity to stay in compliance with current standards and ensure the proper level of security is maintained. It is also a chance to innovate not just your data center, but the applications that are critical to your business success.

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